10/21/19 - Proof You Just Never Know

On a recent trip through a high pass in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, we stopped to enjoy the rare, clear air...


...and came face to face with a pair of pandas.

It's funny what effects altitude can have on some folks. Take this couple for example. Speaking in calm but muffled voices, they claimed to be on their way to Yellowstone, and had stopped specifically to take panda portraits at the highest possible elevation. Not surprisingly, they gladly posed for your truly.

Just to make sure I was not suffering from hypoxia myself, I captured a screenshot of our coordinates and altitude. As you can see below, we were all quite high, so to speak.


Because we have photographic evidence, we're convinced these panda people were the real deal.

The whole experience only goes to prove that old axiom:

You never know who or what you might run into when you travel in an RV, especially at altitude.

Got to love it!

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