11/12/18 - Winterization


Our next road trip isn't until the first of February, 2019, so we secured the NewAire for cold weather storage.

In addition to normal end-of-season service (oil change, filters, chassis lube, etc.), our winterization process included the following steps:

  1. Fill fuel tank and treat with non-gelling diesel additive.

  2. Run treated diesel into the Webasto hydronic heating system as well as the Power Tech generator.

  3. Remove anything inside the coach that might spoil or freeze.

  4. Clean inside of appliances and prop fridge/freezer doors open.

  5. Drain the grey water holding tank.Drain and thoroughly rinse the blackwater holding tank.

  6. Drain potable water tank.Bypass and drain the hot water heater.

  7. Gravity drain all water lines.Pump non-toxic propylene glycol antifreeze through water lines, pour into sink traps, and run through Sealand VacuFlush waste system.

  8. Service two chassis batteries and six house batteries.

  9. Dump air system.

  10. Clean and cover wheels and tires.Clean, lube, and cover towbar.

  11. Hope we didn't forget anything.

One thing we normally do but skipped this year is to place oversized plastic cutting boards between the tires and asphalt parking surface. We bypassed this step because we plan to wake the coach up mid-winter and depart for sunny Florida.


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