11/25/18 - Storage Woes

I was tinkering around inside the RV a few days ago and just happened to run through the battery and tank level display panel. Surprisingly, my FRESH water tank read 3/4 full; that's about 30 gallons. My first reaction was faulty sensors (although the panel has always been accurate in the past). After all, I had opened both the fresh and hot water low point drains while returning from our last trip of the year.

Just to be sure, I opened the water bay and started poking around. That's when I discovered that the FRESH water tank low point drain does NOT work with gravity (although the hot water low point drain does). In fact, I had to pump the tank dry. This came after a couple weeks of low temperatures in the 20's. đź“·

Despite the cold temperatures, nothing had frozen, and I was able to proceed to pump the tank dry (later confirmed via the monitor panel). But as I loitered around the outside of the coach waiting for the pump/drain to finish, I discovered someone had damaged my driver's side mirror, but said nothing! đź“·

This is the front and rear view of the damage:


As you can see, not only was the paint scuffed in front, pieces of the mirror casing (ABS plastic) were broken off when it spun on its mount and scored against the coach. Instead of reporting what had happened, the rascal forced the mirror back in place, picked up the broken pieces, and hoped no one would notice.

But of course, I did notice. I scoured the ground around the coach and found a solitary small piece of the mirror that had been missed, proof positive it happened in the lot. I shared my woeful story with the property manager, and I also moved the coach to a parking spot that is not adjacent to any other spot with a lot of in/out traffic.

Lesson learned.

But now I have to either replace the mirror or repair it (without the pieces, I might add). Unfortunately, NewMar's website says my original mirror is no longer available, and I'm waiting for pricing on their suggested replacement. I'll need two mirrors, of course, because the suggested replacement style is markedly different from my original mirrors. These are heated and motorized, too, so I'm sure I'll get a good dose of sticker shock.

A third alternative is to discover who the original manufacturer of the mirror was. With any luck, it was repurposed from a more mainstream vehicle, so a replacement might be had. I'm not holding my breath, however.

So that's where I'm at: fix or replace. My lean is the former to stay as original as possible, but I won't decide until I have that conversation with NewMar. Fortunately, the mirror glass is undamaged and the motor and heater still work.

As to the culprit, I don't expect any relief from that quarter.


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