12/1/18 - More Mirror Woes

The mirror replacement verdict is in!

As previewed in my previous woeful post, I finally got the gumption up to call NewMar about replacement mirrors. (An original is not available.) As I feared, replacing both sides would run right around $1,500. That's before paint, etc.

While NewMar respectfully declined to disclose their OEM supplier, some digging around online finally led me to Velvac. Of course, the mirror I need is no longer available, and I hold out little hope for finding one, new or used.


I could go into the 3rd party market to find a comparable pair of replacement mirrors for less than NewMar would charge me, but that's still a pretty pricy route for mirrors that are not original to my coach.

So it looks like I'm down to repairing the broken mirror. It's molded of ABS and the gauge is approximately 5/32". As I could not find a matching gauge, I've ordered a small sheet of 3/16" ABS stock to begin experimenting with. I've also been researching how to chemically weld ABS using an acetone based slurry. Looks doable.

NewMar did send me a copy of my original build sheet as well as the paint codes with tint formulations, and I forwarded the latter to an aerosol touchup paint fabricator for a quote.

The next step is to see if I can finally get the damaged mirror off the coach. It's held in place by a pair of Allen head screws that don't want to move. I've sprayed the screws with penetrating fluid and I'm going to try to budge the screws with my clutched drill. If that doesn't work, I'll be forced to repair the mirror in situ. Unfortunately, that's a warm weather project so it would have to wait until Spring.

More when I have it...

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