12/25/2019 - RV Projects: New Bedroom Upholstery

(This post is a long overdue wrap-up of our summer RV project list.)

One problem commonly encountered in an older RV is detail upholstery that has lasted beyond its useful life. That was certainly the case in the bedroom of our 2001 NewAire. The original styled fabrics had become time-worn and were begging to be replaced.

When selecting new fabrics, the challenge becomes how to replace unique, albeit aging upholstery without compromising the original design intent and do so at a reasonable cost?

In our case, we were confronted with worn out fabrics on window valences and a bed platform upholstered in a dated geometric style.

The answer to the challenge for us was, in a word, is to go neutral in the replacement upholstery fabric, then add back some appropriate styling and pizazz using bright colors via a new comforter and matching pillow covers.

With that plan in mind, the upholstered bed panels and window valences were removed and/or stripped in place of the original fabric.

Hundreds of 1/4" staples had to be pulled one at a time when removing the worn out fabric from the plywood panels. (We still occasionally find a staple in the carpet - ouch!)

Fortunately, when we removed the old fabric we discovered the underlying foam glued to the wood panels and valences was still in very good condition. (If you haven't priced replacement foam stock lately, know that it is very expensive!)

We selected a neutral colored fabric with a large basket weave pattern which we cut to fit and stretched over the foam covered wood, then stapled in place.

We re-installed the newly upholstered pieces...

...and threw in some pizazz.

Bear in mind that we are not professional upholsterers - not by any means. But if you have the proper tools (razor knife, screw driver, pliers, stapler), anyone can do an update like this.

To turn a phrase, we think our modestly priced upholstery update fit the bill.


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