2/1/19 - Digging Out & Loading

Our planned departure for the Florida Panhandle is tomorrow, and it hit a balmy 10F today, so I went to the storage yard and discovered they had plowed in the NewAire.


I expected a bit of shoveling, but nothing like what I encountered. So I bit the bullet, dug her out, got the generator fired up, and I'm heating the engine block as I write this.

Not surprisingly, the Webasto would not fire off again following temps like -25F and windchills at -50F. Once she's thawed out, I think that will be okay. I hope.

Of course, it snowed a couple more inches last night and the plows haven't been out yet. I informed the property manager that we plan to depart tomorrow, so I did not want to be plowed in again.

We're going back to the storage yard later this afternoon to do our final pre-load (freezer stuff, dry goods, etc.). And I do plan to let the engine heat overnight.

Fingers crossed!

p.s. Returned to the yard to load more 'stuff' for the trip. Tried the Webasto again and she lit. I ran the heater for 30 minutes and actually watched the engine temp gauge rise above 100F. Cranked the Cummins and she fired right up. Decided to run heat and generator overnight so we'll be toasty warm early tomorrow morning when we leave.


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