2/8/19 - We Found Florida

We made it to Fort Pickens just outside Pensacola Beach, and it's 70F. It is truly amazing what a 95 degree temperature increase will do for one's general disposition. And fresh seafood.


Speaking of amazing seafood, if you're ever in the Pensacola area, you have to try the fabulous fare at Joe Patti's. The seafood gumbo is divine, the prices can't be beat, and we're just getting started weaving our way through their menu.

The NewAire is drawing a lot of attention from other folks camped in Fort Pickens, a gorgeous seaside NPS facility. So much so that the DW suggested having a sign printed that we can post in the windshield for those folks who want more information about the coach.

Of course, if we happen to be sitting around the campsite, we're always happy to make new friends and share our common interests.

Local effect: even though the temps have been hovering around 70F, we are running the AC to keep the indoor humidity down.

p.s. Tried my hand at pier fishing yesterday -- nada. Surf casting starts on Monday. Hoping to catch some redfish. Yum!


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