3/16/19 - Homeward Bound (and Spruced)

After 6 weeks enjoying the warmer weather in Florida and Georgia, we somewhat reluctantly turned homeward toward Chicago. The DW suggested that we have the coach cleaned up along the way, so we hit the Blue Beacon Truck Wash just outside Nashville, Tennessee.


If you've never tried Blue Beacon to have the road washed from your rig, I highly recommend their services. The day we stopped, the line was very short so our wait time was minimal.


When you are waved through the doors, you'll find yourself in an immense wash bay surrounded by a crew of workers who surround and attack the grime on your rig armed with wash wands.

Blue Beacon offers a menu of services; we chose a full wash followed by a Rain-X protectant coating. We also added their Salt-Away undercarriage rinse plus citrus shine for all six aluminum wheels. They'll even wash your toad!


We were out the door and looking good in less than 10 minutes for less than $60. (A simple wash and go for our rig is about half that amount.)

After a walk-around inspection, I always cash tip the crew chief using restaurant rates.

We've been happily visiting Blue Beacon after extended trips for several years now. I realize they can't come close to one of those mobile wash/wax jobs costing 3 or 4 or 5 times as much, but when you are on the move and want a quick and effective cleanup, Blue Beacon is tough to beat.

And they seem to be located just about everywhere.

Click here to find out more about Blue Beacon Truck Wash.

Our next big trip will be westward - Yellowstone, etc., but not until the end of summer. My guess is we will do a couple shorter midwest trips before then. So many places to see, so little time.


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