4/14/19 - A NewAire Pair (One is SOLD!)

A fellow NewAire owner sent me these pictures of his 2001 NewAire parked side by side with another 2001 rig. The pictures were taken very recently in southwest Michigan.


You can tell these are both 2001 models by just looking at the side windows. The 2001 NewAire models came equipped with angular swept back windows that are roughly trapezoidal in shape. In 2002 Newmar changed to rectangular RV side windows. (They also changed to more contemporary color schemes.)


Have you guessed which one was for sale? It's the lighter trimmed rig pictured below. Fun fact: this coach is the very first NewAire production unit to roll off the assembly line. That's right - serial number one, numero uno.


Click here to see the original 2001 and 2002 Newmar NewAire brochures and other interesting original NewAire documents.


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