6/6/19 - Am I seeing Double? Again?

I recently took my 2001 NewAire in for service at my regular shop: Scott's RV Truck and Auto in Rockford, Illinois. I can't say enough good about these folks, and apparently the word has gotten around, cause what should show up while mine was in but another NewAire!


The picture is courtesy of Scott's Service Manager, Terry Adkins. That's my NewAire on the left. I think. And Im pretty sure the one on the right belongs to a NewAire owner-friend, David Stiemsma; he hails from Michigan. David brought his rig to Scott's to have some work done (I recommended them). They have certainly become familiar with the mechanical ins and outs unique to the Newco chassis by working on mine.

In fact, I think the team at Scott's enjoy working on these coaches.

What's not to like?


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