8/5/19 - Wet Bath Flooring

We have a molded fiberglass step-down wet bath in our NewAire. Some may think a wet bath is a compromise (we certainly did), but it's a pragmatic solution that fits the original NewAire constraints on overall size and space.


The bath came with a fitted carpet section that is comfortable to walk on, but pulling the carpet out when we use the shower and then drying the floor before putting the carpet back over it is a real pain. Tossing the carpet to always stand on bare fiberglass was never an option. What to do?

Recently we came across a YouTube video featuring a young lady named Jessy who converted an old class A Commander motor home into a tiny home. One of the many creative things Jessy did was to line her shower base with outdoor tiles. Brilliant! So much so that we borrowed Jessy's idea to upgrade our wet bath. No product information was mentioned, however, so the hunt began for a suitable outdoor tile. What we came up with was UltraShield Naturale Quick Deck , a foot-square outdoor tile made from high density recycled plastic composite material. A piece colored Peruvian Teak is shown above on top of our wet bath carpet, which the DW says has seen better days.

Below you can see the plastic grid frame backing on the tile. Note that the frame, which is very strong, raises the flooring approximately 3/8 inch above whatever surface it is set upon. The composite slats are securely attached to the plastic frame using stainless screws, a total of 16 screws per square foot. Each square connects to its neighbor using rugged interlocking snaps that hold extremely well. All in all, it is a very well designed and sturdy product.


Because the tiles can be attached any which way, we played with the layout until the DW came up with the 2 foot by 3 foot layout pattern you see below. We achieved this pattern by unscrewing the slats from every other row, then cutting one slat in half, and reattaching those to the frame in the staggered pattern shown. We were trying for a bit of a nautical vibe and I think we got one.


After measuring the wet bath floor itself, the carpet section was used as a rough pattern for the finished flooring, which was cut using a table saw on the straight portions and a bandsaw on the curves. (A jig saw would have worked almost as well; test cuts on this material are a must prior to attempting any finish cutting.)


And here's the finished product. It lays in and lifts out easily as a single piece of flooring. We don't expect to be doing much of that, however, unless the floor drain -- which is located under the upper right corner -- needs to be cleaned.


The DW tossed the carpet. I'm good with that.

Click here to learn about A Girl (Jessy) and Her Commander

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