10/15/18 - Power Tune

You can't have too much torque or horse power for accelerating a diesel pusher like the NewAire onto the highway or climbing grades.


Fortunately, Ag Diesel Solutions makes a variety of modules that will boost the performance of a Cummins engine The one we purchased adds an additional 65 hp and 100+ lb-ft of torque to our otherwise dependable ISB 5.9L. The module achieves this performance increase by changing the timing of the injection system by intercepting and adjusting signals coming from the engine control unit (ECU). We installed this same ADS solution on a '98 Discovery where it made a world of difference, and my personal opinion is that it did an even better job cranking up the NewAire's power curve. Of course, the NewAire is shorter, lighter and a bit more nimble than the Discovery.

We expect to pickup up an additional 1-2 mpg as an added bonus.

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